Before deciding to embark on a one-night adventure, you should read the rules that Athens escorts has prepared for you. The times when the one night stand was considered taboo have gone irreversibly. Men and women are now openly looking for an night of love, without necessarily expecting a more stable relationship.

Summer may be coming to an end, but because erotic adventures aren’t just summer sports.Summer may be coming to an end, but because erotic adventures aren’t just summer sports, Kinky secret has prepared the rules for the one-night stand so you can be prepared for everything.

  • Don’t tell to your friends.

You enter the store, you see, the female side. You end up in bed with the one you had excluded from the beginning. It’s not bad, as long as you haven’t told your friends.

  • One night stand all year long.

One-night stand on summer vacation and of course one-night stand on a Saturday night in winter. No matter the weather, the season or the day of the week, you can have a one night stand without any doubts.

  • Don’t fall asleep after one night sex.

If you go home, then you have already thought of the excuse to prosecute her. Sleeping can be invalid.

  • Don’t go to your place.

The best thing, of course, is not to go home. You don’t want to ring the bells while you want to stay in one single time. One night stand is also said, what does it not understand?

  • Sex with an ex?

One night stand with your old capsule is a double knife. Or you will feel god or fall into the mire more. Weigh them.

  • One night stand does not require a telephone. Name only.

If your memory is not so strong in names, then try not to speak it during the act. It will snow, you will snow, parrot.

  • No need to explain before.

I’m not interested in something serious or just broke up and I want to get better at keeping it for yourself. Or about your ex girlfriend when you find them again.

  • Choose that girl who talks less.

For one night stand, choose that girl who talks the least. The more she talks, the more she wants to know you. You won’t even realize how you became a goodnight lover.

  • Don’t share it with your mom.

This one you should keep it for yourself only.

  • Show her early where you are going.

Make sure you show her early where you are going. Very early. Before she starts telling you her plans for the future.

  • If  the sex was bad and you want to try again.

It is not considered a one night stand if sex was just bad and you said to do it again.

  • If you want more it’s not one night stand any more.

Clear your intentions but don’t sign a one-night contract. If sex is good, you’ll want more.
If it does, it ceases to be a one night stand.

  • One night it will be over.

One night stands are like the finals. And not be good at sports, if you give it your all, you will get a mug (and tomorrow you will be on all the headlines).

  • One night stand isn’t perfect all the time.

No one ever did perfect sex on a one night stand. If it was perfect the first time, think about how it would be when you learned it a little.

  • Knowing the limits.

The bad thing is that you don’t know its limits. The good news is that you do not know its limits and you can explore.

  • The story after one night stand.

A one night stand that went well is a boring story. A one night stand that went horribly is a much better story.

  • Hold your weapons.

Don’t throw all your weapons into battle. You’re not struggling with time here. If you want to see her again and deserve her, you’ll see her again.

  • Body of lies.

Anyone who says he remembers the body of a woman who went only once, simply lies.

  • When you taste it, you’ll want more.

One night stand opens the appetite for the next. With the same, with your own choice.

  • The place should always be a Hotel.

If you are over 20, it is best for you to avoid the car. There are so many hotels.

  • Don’t stay over!

If you don’t want to wake up the next morning with her, you better go home so you can leave whenever you want.

  • Fake phone number.

Don’t think about giving a fake phone at the end of the night, nor do they do it for 15 years.

  • Don’t count them!

Don’t count. Unless you are under 23.

  • Girls lies!

9 out of 10 women claim to have never made a one night stand. Girls, the numbers don’t go out.

  • Character counts!

One night stand is not a matter of appearance, it is a matter of character. Some come out, others don’t.

  • Don’t be shy!

If you accidentally see your partner long enough after one night stand, don’t feel embarrassed. A smile makes all the sense. And as you know, it can also trigger a second round.

  • The first time stays always in your heart.

You never forget your first one night stand. To be precise you never forget your first and all the mistakes you made before, during and after.

  • The things you need.

All you need is a wide smile and a condom. Everything else is luxury.

  • Don’t thing that you’ll be only standing!

Don’t literally take the stand. It doesn’t have to be just upright / uncomfortable. You do it well in your bed.

There’s no perfect formula when it comes to creating a great sexual experience with someone. To have a healthy sex life, the first step is acknowledging your wants and needs, and then you can connect with others, or fit into a community, that accepts these wants and needs. So truly good sex comes down to feeling confident in yourself and your desires, and being able to share them free from judgement. So here’s to learning about what feels good for you and owning it in 2020.

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