Fashion for free spirits, dreamers, wanderers and hippies at heart”, it’s funny how I have chose to start this post with a line talking about freedom , and  where we have a totally opposite caption defining fears, this is exactly how fashion industry is for me. Where the dreamers have chosen to break the guidelines and build their own path towards the fashion industry; fearless and uncertain as to where it would lead them, while we still have most of them sweeping their way in, through how it has always been. But as we know wild hearts can’t be tamed, so they won’t be tamed; no matter how much one can try to pull them down.

Fashion starts with its top accessorie, its fashion bag from 4bag. ( tsantes )

“Fashion has become a statement, a way of depicting ones story and individualism” , says Rhea Gupte , my inspiration and my muse , so this one is my story, my statement and my way of depicting how I set my shackles free and took a step towards choosing the unconventional, the un-told. You know, Not all pretty faces are dumb, and not all pretty faces are sick if they do not have make up put on them; these are two of the most repeated opinions that people have of me, I am sure many would happen to agree or may be not.

Why am I always supposed to look like your kind of pretty or hot? Why do you think only the red lipstick makes me look beautiful and not my not so pink lips ? Why should I be dressed in a certain way to prove a point to you ? Why should I not show my stomach even if it pops out? Why should I not wear shorts because I have flabby thighs? I have been constantly struggling with  these questions since the time I have grown up, but never have I got the answers. Why should I be the conventional kind of appealing for the society to like me ? Why can’t I be my kind of pretty?

Isn’t my kind of pretty sounds more fascinating to you? The one that can have more substance and mysteries. Why is my work credibility never good enough? Why am I judged by the number of followers I have? Why not for the work that I do ? Why am I never given a chance to be who I am?…

My inhibitions could only be set free , when I choose to walk past them, So may be your kind of pretty is not my kind of pretty ,so be it. May be my work is really good but you don’t like it ,so be it, I will have someone else who thinks it’s nice or more than that. I don’t have to have a flat stomach to wear my crop tops, because you know what, I will wear them anyway, so Society, let’s face it. You and I can never be friends, but if this is how it is,  so be it…

These are the two different looks that we decided to do, to set our souls free.

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