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Best tips for roadtrips in Santorini

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Best tips for roadtrips in Santorini Santorini -Santorini car rental- is one of the most famous Greek islands that are worth visiting once in a lifetime. Although it is a small island this does not mean that you could not go on a road trip on it! Choose your company […]


A day tour in Santorini’s Hinterland

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Santorini has lots of wonders to provide its site visitors. The imposing caldera, its enchanting design, its volcanic beaches with black sands, transcendent rock developments and the breath-taking sunsets. Yet there is also a side of Santorini much more pure and uncomplicated. The landmass of Santorini showcases the daily life […]


The 30 rules of one night stand

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Before deciding to embark on a one-night adventure, you should read the rules that Athens escorts has prepared for you. The times when the one night stand was considered taboo have gone irreversibly. Men and women are now openly looking for an night of love, without necessarily expecting a more […]


The humble cardigan we all love

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What is the very best coat to wear during cold mornings initially of fall months? That’s a cardigan(gynaikeia rouxa), beloved! My personal favourites are the wrap-around weaved variations with a seriously distinctive patterns. Of course, there are lovely neutral colour designs. Thay are versatile pieces to put on with LBDs, […]